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What is CodeBreeze?

CodeBreeze is an Data-Mapping and Code-Generation tool.
It is built around the very simple concept of “getting your work done fast”, limiting even the amount of time you spend in CodeBreeze itself.
CodeBreeze is designed with extensibility in mind, giving you the opportunity to adapt the product to meet your needs in whichever way you work.
CodeBreeze gives you maximum flexibility to bring the world of code-generation into any architecture your teams design. Not only do you have complete control over the code you create, but also the configuration of your project, breakdown of your architectural layers, as well as the definition of fields, and code-generation processes.

What makes CodeBreeze different?

CodeBreeze’s strength lies in its customizability and its extensibility. It was designed with a very open architecture, allowing the user to fully customize their experience to the way their particular project is laid out. While many code generation products on the market are based on the concept of code templates; CodeBreeze extend the template concept to the project itself. This means you can setup your CodeBreeze project based on any of the provided Project Templates or even create your own. Project templates let you configure each and every field on which your code templates may rely, as well as configure code-generation processes that can be kicked off at the touch of a button. Project Templates can also be broken down by the layers of your particular project; so whether your designing a 3-tier application, a 5-tier distributed application, or an old-fashioned client-server app, CodeBreeze can accommodate you.
CodeBreeze projects (based on a specific Project Template) allow the organization of all your elements including Business Entities and Query Wrappers so code-generation is not taking place directly against the database. Although if you wish you can certainly have code templates that hit the database directly. Every field you setup in a project template and fill out in a project is accessible in a code template, giving you maximum flexibility to generate whatever code you need. CodeBreeze can even work while temporarily disconnected from the database.

What if it's not quite right for me?

CodeBreeze also has an extensibility model which allows you to add your own plug-ins to handle things that may be very specific to your company. Many ORM tools out there allow you to map entities to database tables, and some even let you change the name of entity manually in the case that the database naming conventions do not meet your object naming requirements. CodeBreeze allows this as well, but what if this is the case for each and everyone of your tables? What if your company’s database naming conventions call for all lower case and underscore-separated table and column naming? Even more extreme, how about a database naming convention where names are based on predetermined codes, like PROD_AMT and CPY_NM (effectively meaning Product Amount and Counterparty Name)? With CodeBreeze, you can simply write a plug-in to handle this translation so you don’t have to worry about renaming every business entity individually. In fact, the two examples mentioned are included with CodeBreeze.
CodeBreeze’s various APIs are exposes for use in your own applications if need. With proper licensing, the entire business model can be accessed from your own applications. The Code Template Parser can be executed against any CodeBreeze Code Template from your own applications and the Schema Navigator can be used to traverse the schema of any database. CodeBreeze’s Schema Navigator architecture is exposed and open for you to develop any Schema Providers that CodeBreeze does not ship out-of-the-box. In fact, CodeBreeze is so extensible, that you can create your own custom Windows User Controls to handle authentication to a database for which you may have written a custom schema provider.
CodeBreeze and its accompanying code templates, is designed to get you up and coding very fast with minimum learning requirement and even usage requirement within CodeBreeze itself. Unlike other ORM products on the market, CodeBreeze is designed to get you in-and-out quickly, so you can concentrate on the code that needs your interaction the most.

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